BOHOL / Pristine Beaches and Historical

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It's the home of the smallest monkey in the world the TARSIER . And the famous CHOCOLATE HILLS.




It’s a little rich island of nature’s beauty and abundance .  Dubbed as one of the best destinations for beach holiday . Truly proven by its white, soft , powdery sands along its beaches . Resorts at beachfront are affordable and offers the best stay while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the calm oceans and deep blue seas. Sunsets are the best too !


This little rich island never offer only the best beach holiday destination But also for nature lovers.

The very famous Chocolate Hills where you will be amazed how nature formed these hills and  turn brown during summer time . You can climb by the footstep to get into the top to see the most beautiful view in the island .


A home to the TARSIERS ! The words smallest monkeys . You can have a close encounter with the friendly little creatures get goosebumps how adorable they are and how tiny they are .


It’s a few distance from the mainland of Cebu through a boat. But transportation isn’t an issue . A lot is available and accessible .



The Alona Beach in Panglao is famous for it’s long stretched white sand beach perfect for sun bathing and being lazy on the beach the whole day .

Resorts are beachfronts and affordable too . Food and drinks are affordable and a cheap accommodation are not hard to find in Panglao .

And it’s easer to go around or explore the island because motorbikes are available for rent . And it’s affordable to rent a bike and most of all easier to ride on a motorbike .  Just a little plan and you’re good on a budget travel .

You’ll enjoy the entire vacation in Bohol without spending too much yet making the most beautiful trip .



 Comprehensive  Tour to Bohol’s Best Tourists Spot 
  • Blood Compact Shrine
  • Tour to Baclayon Church- Oldest Church
  • Bohol Biggest Python in Captivity
  • Loboc River Cruise w/ lunch on board
  • Tarsier Viewing in Captivity
  • St. Peter’s Ruins Church
  • Billar Mahogany Man Made Forest
  • The Butterfly Garden
  • Chocolate Hills- Famous landmark of Bohol





> Alona White Beach
> Bohol Bee Farm
> The Panglao Tower
> Sea Shell Museum
> The Cafe Lawis
> Hinagdanan Cave