CAMOTES ISLAND / Laid back Paradise

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Camotes Island

A laid back little island with a taste of a paradise in living a simple life with limited access to internet.


Camotes Island


Laid back island with a real taste of paradise . Imagine living a community with all the white sand beaches and virgin forests , few inhabitants  with limited internet access and transpiration . An island living that you’ll truly experience with the community people that warmly welcome visitors and eager to accommodate your needs in the island . It’s like an hour boat ride from the main land of Cebu. Food is great in the island especially if you love seafoods and vegetables . Fresh seafoods are very abundant and way too affordable .



Camotes is a small island yet tourists are coming both local and foreign to experience the thrill of being in a laid back island with so much for offer to beach lovers and nature trekkers .  Because it’s a small island you can roam around in a day , hopping to places to places by a private car  or a motorbike .


Farming and Fishing are two main livelihoods of the people . No malls , no factories , no fancy restaurants . Living in Camotes is simple and full of life . You will notice the people are very happy and contented . All smiles when you happen to meet any locals .


Approaching the island is a  paradise calling your name .

Camotes   /  Caving  /  Swimming   / Beaching   /  Day 1

Places to visit :
  • Santiago bay
  • Bukilat Cave
  • Paraiso Cave
  • Timubo Cave
  • Amazing Cave

Camotes  /  Island Hopping  /   Beaching  / Day 2
Places to visit :
  • Mangodlong Resort
  • Island Hopping across all islets in the island
  • Countryside driving
  • Swimming